My most recent work loiters in the dense, vibrant limbo between chaos and control. I explore different ways to represent and juxtapose those energies visually, playing with gradients and layers, palettes and form, in over-controlled and under-controlled markings.

With an extensive background in photography and video production, and a career that has me sleeves-up in a blend of digital mediums, I took a brush to the first canvas in the summer of 2018 to relieve my brain from the swirl of erratic visuals at my day job.

Each stage of painting sparked an impulse for what my next stage would be — a new color introduction or placement of new form. This went on for a couple months before I realized I had painted over a dozen canvases, nine of which grouped well into three sets of three — Blueprint set, Mountains set, and Thoughts set — to make up the Chaos, Okay series.

All that to say, I didn’t plan this. But I needed to get it out of my system. And I didn’t know that until it happened. I am not a painter. But I paint to stay sane.